Consumer Journey as a Equipment Owner

In India, as a consumer of white goods or the manufacturer of such equipment does not explicitly agree/disagree to fulfill the post sale initiatives. There are no strict regulations around this and companies which manufactures innovative products donot focus on such initiatives as their focus is to keep the product afloat in the market and above the competitor. Resellers are also focused on the numbers and their growth. In this gap the consumer falls apart.

The framework for Warranty, Extended Warranty or the AMC and the genuity  of Authorised Service Partner is  murky pond of Water. 

Consumer is pushed to limits when an equipement fails or when he sees trouble with the kind of service offered and the issue continues and somewhere the customer feels that he did not get what he was supposed to under normal conditions.

This results in distrust of the Brand, the Retailer and the whole service network. This also results in unproductive efforts by the consumer and the entities to strike a balance, but be aware all these are post mortem and are specific that particular consumer complaint. Many a times organisations fails to re look and set a process to streamline this.

We at Coologeex felt the need to manage every assets of an Individual or that of an Organisation in the capacity of authorised Individuals through a Mobile App.

This ensures there is a transparency in terms of Service Offered, Cost of Components/Labour, Estimation Process. Service by Trusted OEM service and Authorised Third Party Service Vendors.

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