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There is a Better Way To Manage Your Customer

With the World Fighting or Finding Ways to Fight the Dreaded Disease and Most of the Business trying to evolve new means to continue business operations. Many of the IT and IT enabled business have settled to the view that their employees can still deliver the job function.... which is quite true.... with the adoption of the Work From Home Culture and Few Tools in place for interaction etc., It is not everybody's choice though as there are industries where the physical presence of staffs are required to serve the Customer. For the Customer Service After Markets it is very essential that Staffs are Present and the Customer is also Comfortable in visiting your Service Center and So is the Precaution and Well-being of everyone present there. The above video was doing rounds in the social media ( with due credits to the unknown creator). This is not the best way under the current situation to enforce or ensure Social D

Mobile App for Home and Office Equipments

Easy to Manage Home and Office Equipment Maintenance Through Mobile App