There is a Better Way To Manage Your Customer

With the World Fighting or Finding Ways to Fight the Dreaded Disease and Most of the Business trying to evolve new means to continue business operations. Many of the IT and IT enabled business have settled to the view that their employees can still deliver the job function.... which is quite true.... with the adoption of the Work From Home Culture and Few Tools in place for interaction etc., It is not everybody's choice though as there are industries where the physical presence of staffs are required to serve the Customer. For the Customer Service After Markets it is very essential that Staffs are Present and the Customer is also Comfortable in visiting your Service Center and So is the Precaution and Well-being of everyone present there. The above video was doing rounds in the social media ( with due credits to the unknown creator). This is not the best way under the current situation to enforce or ensure Social D

Mobile App for Home and Office Equipments

Easy to Manage Home and Office Equipment Maintenance Through Mobile App

Happellianz Mobile App for Customer Service

Are you a Consumer Product Owner, who is serious about the Upkeep and Maintenance of those. We are sure this mobile app can help you in many ways and ease out the trauma of reaching a brand for the after sales service. Reach any popular brand for a Breakdown Service, or Donot Miss a Scheduled Maintenance with our Reminders and Alerts. Do more beyond your wildest imagination, the App includes everything for the After Market Experience and Caters to every category from a Mobile Phone to Industrial Machinery.

In Our Effort to Educate Consumers on their Rights

Discussion on Consumer Rights-Issues and Regulatory Mechanism

Need of a Standard Framework for After Sales Service

Consumers-want-standards-for-after-sales-service- Indian consumers say that standards need to be set for after sales service and want standard time defined for complaint closure, says a new study by social network platform LocalCircles, which connects communities and governance. Another complaint was customer service numbers don’t work and emails written to companies frequently remain unanswered. The study says 43% mobile and computer manufacturers have the worst after-sales service, 53% say companies never replace the products, and a majority 93% consumers want complaints acknowledged within 72 hours. The study was mapped through 55,000 consumers, a statement from LocalCircles said. Up to 38% consumers said problem resolution took over 30 days or remains unresolved. Respondents rated mobile handset and computer manufacturing companies as the slowest in after-sales serv .. Read more at: //
Our Presence as a Product Company emerges from the very own fact that we are also consumers at the end of the day. Whereever we felt there is an issue in performing a transaction in everyday life, the need to bring a solution, in its simplest form of "Mobile Apps" are the focus. Some of them are not a common issue, but if technology can help certain segment of the population to help them carry out their day today chores with some kind of automatic reminder mechanisms and triggers it rather makes life simple. With each individual spending his time on a connected device for a average of 50-60% of a day. The call for action becomes easy when these are done through Smart Phones... Be it a end consumer or a business house,there is always an opportunity to do things in a better way that it is done today.  Do please follow our pages/subscribe to know more about our product offerings,
Consumer Journey as a Equipment Owner In India, as a consumer of white goods or the manufacturer of such equipment does not explicitly agree/disagree to fulfill the post sale initiatives. There are no strict regulations around this and companies which manufactures innovative products donot focus on such initiatives as their focus is to keep the product afloat in the market and above the competitor. Resellers are also focused on the numbers and their growth. In this gap the consumer falls apart. The framework for Warranty, Extended Warranty or the AMC and the genuity  of Authorised Service Partner is  murky pond of Water.  Consumer is pushed to limits when an equipement fails or when he sees trouble with the kind of service offered and the issue continues and somewhere the customer feels that he did not get what he was supposed to under normal conditions. This results in distrust of the Brand, the Retailer and the whole service network. This also results in unproductive efforts