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In Our Effort to Educate Consumers on their Rights

Discussion on Consumer Rights-Issues and Regulatory Mechanism

Need of a Standard Framework for After Sales Service

Consumers-want-standards-for-after-sales-service- Indian consumers say that standards need to be set for after sales service and want standard time defined for complaint closure, says a new study by social network platform LocalCircles, which connects communities and governance. Another complaint was customer service numbers don’t work and emails written to companies frequently remain unanswered. The study says 43% mobile and computer manufacturers have the worst after-sales service, 53% say companies never replace the products, and a majority 93% consumers want complaints acknowledged within 72 hours. The study was mapped through 55,000 consumers, a statement from LocalCircles said. Up to 38% consumers said problem resolution took over 30 days or remains unresolved. Respondents rated mobile handset and computer manufacturing companies as the slowest in after-sales serv .. Read more at: //